Category: reagents

Novel ligands designed to activate mu opioid receptors and provide analgesic effects without opioid-related side effects, providing specific insight into the cellular impact of opioid receptor-based activation as related to pain medications.  These ligands could be used as a tool to negate drug tolerance and dependence as well as other adverse side effects.

This method utilizes a novel solid catalyst made specifically for olefin epoxidation. The catalyst utilizes a base in order to allow hydrogen peroxide to be utilized as an oxidant.  Further the system allows for a constant flow of feedstock to flow through the catalyst with minimal leaching of the metal from the catalyst allowing for a longer life of the catalyst.


The invention is a novel and efficient method to establish new embryonic stem (ES) cell lines from mammalian species and to maintain ES cells at the pluripotent state.


The invention offers high load reagents and scavengers which combine the physical properties of the silica surface with the inherent tunable properties of the ROMP-derived oligomers.

The invention entails solution conditions that can prolong the recovery and foldability of proteins under non-denaturing conditions in the presence of the tetradecameric GroEL chaperonin. 


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