Your Ideas are Worth Protecting

We know that you want to focus on research, and our job is to make this possible. We will work with you to develop a protection and commercialization strategy around your best ideas that doesn’t slow down your academic pursuits.

The ideal time to disclose your idea to us is before any public disclosure, e.g. electronic publication or public presentation of your idea. With recent changes to U.S. patent laws, it is imperative that you disclose early and often to KUCTC, so we can better protect your ideas. To inform us of a new idea, concept, or invention, please use the Invention Disclosure Form found on this website under Faculty-Access.

Learn how to transfer and receive research materials

If you wish to obtain research materials from other Institutions or transfer your material to others, you will need a material transfer agreement (MTA) to protect everyone's rights. You will find more information concerning MTAs on the Faculty-Protect Your Ideas page.

Learn how to request a non-disclosure agreement

If you would like to share your novel ideas with others, without losing patent rights and before a patent is filed, KUCTC can help draft and execute a non-disclosure agreement. Conversely, if you are contacted by another company or institution to sign a NDA, please contact KUCTC for agreement review. You will find more information concerning NDAs, or to request assistance in negotiating an NDA, on the Faculty-Protect Your Ideas page.

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